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Watch this video and more on Darbar Concert Hall

Watch this video and more on Darbar Concert Hall

Budhaditya Mukherjee | Yaman Kalyan

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  • K Bharat Sundar | Ragamala in Todi

    Shot in the early morning environs of the sandstone-carved Tiger Caves in coastal Mahabalipuram, this performance bridges two time-zones of the Hindustani raga system. Todi in the Carnatic system is a murchanakaraka raga which means, it is built in convoluted pathways. This embeds in it, the oppo...

  • Arshad Khan | Bhairavi

    The esraj is a variant of the dilruba with 20 metal frets on a sitar-like neck. With a slightly deeper tone than that of a sarangi, this rare bowed instrument can imitate vocal music beautifully. This short recital in Raag Bhairavi by Arshad Khan was shot in the breathtaking location of Mulshi, M...

  • Jyotsna Srikanth | Director's Cut

    Dr. Srikanth is deft in both the Carnatic and Western forms and well-known for her ability to bridge the two genres elegantly. Her intense melodic improvisations coupled with succinct sense of rhythms makes her one of the most brilliant violinists of her generation. With the extraordinarily warm ...